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Senior Safety Tips

Home and Neighborhood Safety

Crime prevention and personal safety tips to help keep you and your community safe from crime

In these times of economic distress, many people are concerned about the threat of rising crime in their communities. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect your home and your neighborhood from crime. From simple steps like keeping your doors locked to starting a Neighborhood Watch program, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent crime.

Work with your neighbors to keep your neighborhood clean and orderly. Keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor or nearby shopkeeper, not under a doormat or planter, on a ledge, or in the mailbox. Set timers on lights when you're away from home or your business is closed, so they appear to be occupied. Illuminate or eliminate places an intruder might hide: the spaces between trees or shrubs, stairwells, alleys, hallways, and entry ways. With many law enforcement agencies cutting costs, it has never been more important for citizens to work together to prevent crime.

Information about Home and Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Safety Tips For Parents
Advice for parents on keeping your kids safe in your neighborhood

Neighborhood Watch
Tips and information on starting and running a Neighborhood Watch program

Techniques people can use to reduce crime in their communities

Gas Station Theft Prevention
Tips and posters for preventing crime in gas stations

Travel Safety Tips Flier

This online Flier Travel Safety Tips from National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff The Crime Dog

Helping Communities Mobilize Against Crime, Drugs, and Other Problems

Twenty-one lessons drawn from the experiences of dozens of communities suggest strategies for success, identify vital elements for starting and maintaining community mobilization efforts, and look at surmounting common obstacles.

Locking Your Home
Times have changed, and locks have changed, but burglars still look for homes that are easy targets.

Neighborhood Watch Needs You
This publication discusses reasons to get involved, the kinds of activities Watch groups do, and how they can help a neighborhood strengthen hometown and homeland security activities.

Celebrate Safe Communities

Celebrate crime prevention and local communities making a difference

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For further information, download Topics in Crime Prevention: Working With Older Americans (PDF).

Seniors and Telemarketing Fraud 101

If you're a senior, you may find yourself bombarded with telephone calls from telemarketers offering you everything from "fantastic investment opportunities" to home repairs (for an unbelievably low price).  This booklet is designed to help you sort through these telemarketing offers so you can recognize which offers are on the up-and-up and which are probably scams.  It will also tell you about a variety of things you can do if you get one of these calls, including the simplest thing of all - just hanging up.  Download this booklet (600 KB).

Charitable Giving Done Wisely

Research shows the seniors donate to charities often. Find out ways you can donate wisely. Download this short document (60 KB).

"Urgent and Confidential" - the Nigerian Letter Scam

The Nigerian letter scam has been around for decades and is circulated via letter, email, and fax. Read how you can make sure you don't fall victim to this scam. Download this short document (58 KB).

Avoiding Investment Fraud

Fraudsters lie and twist the truth, whether by "guaranteeing" high rates of return or low risks, or by selling a product that is clearly inappropriate for the investor.  In some cases, the scammer talks people into investing in a product that does not even exist.  By following the tips in this fact sheet, you probably won't fall victim to these schemes.  Download this short document (65 KB).