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City of Kirby Alarm Permit

Home security is primarily focused with the concept of “Real-Time monitoring”. A system of sensors are integrated into the home and then connected to a network that is logged into a central command center. This center is manned 24/7 by staff that are trained to respond to triggers in the system and react accordingly. This may include calling the fire department if a heat sensor or smoke alarm is triggered, alerting the homeowner if the wrong code has been entered into the keypad. It also includes monitoring agents to contact Emergency Medical Services if a homeowner is injured in the home and an alert is sent via network. The constant watch of a real-time security system is a powerful tool and home owner responsibility.

The Kirby Police Department Dispatch receives calls from numerous alarm companies throughout the city from private homeowners and businesses. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure their security system is functioning and operating correctly to assist emergency services in a proper response. If you feel your security system may have a malfunction, please contact your security service provider for a system diagnostic.

Pursuant to Kirby City Ordinance, Chapter 97, all residential and commercial properties that utilize an alarm system must have an alarm permit.

To review a copy of the City Ordinance, Please Click Here.

A non-refundable fee of $7.50 per calendar year is required for each permit or renewal of a permit for a residence, and $25 per year for a commercial establishment. Permit fees will not be prorated for partial years. All permits shall expire December 31 of the year of issuance and no permit shall be issued for more than one year. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to pay the renewal fee prior to expiration date.

If, within any calendar year, five false burglar alarms and/or false fire alarms and/or panic alarms and/or other false notifications are emitted from an alarm site, the city shall assess the permit holder in control of that alarm site a $50 fee within that year for the sixth and all subsequent false alarms during the same calendar year.


Please download the alarm permit form below.

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Download this file (Kirby Alarm Permit.pdf)Kirby Alarm Permit.pdf70 Kb
Download this file (Alarm Permit Information.pdf)Alarm Permit Information.pdf11 Kb